What are the Flavour Trends for 2022?

Posted by Eddie Tibbitts on 18th Nov 2021

Are you eager to know what will be the top tastes of 2022? In a world with more exotic variants, classic citrus flavours will evolve into something else altogether. Botanicals and floral offerings are sure to enhance any palette, while the taste for adventure brings Mediterranean dishes from afar as well!

There is something for everyone ranging from relaxing  peach tea to energising coffee. Find out what new flavour trends are coming up next in terms of combinations that captivate taste buds of all across cultures globally.

New Flavour Trends

There are many flavour trends that will dominate the taste profile of beverage and drink mixes. These include tropical fruit flavours, such as  mango or dragonfruit; antioxidant-rich blueberry for those looking to stay healthy. Check out these noteworthy flavour trends that will dominate the taste profile of beverages and drink mixes.

Modern nostalgia

It's not just about playing with flavours; it is also about mixing old and new flavours. Regional stalwarts are being brought into the modern-day and their familiar tastes reimagined. They use exotic ingredients in new products that pay homage to what they're known for a while, adding something unique all at once!

For instance, the  cherry cola flavour will kick in the nostalgia for a lot of people. Besides, so many are ready to experiment with new flavours if they know at least one of the taste profiles. They are more welcoming towards cross-innovation with the already established flavours. Some of the flavours to look forward to are watermelonpeppermint, and strawberry.

Citrus flavours reign

Citrus flavours are going to be a big player in the health and wellness space. Consumers want something that will make them feel refreshed, so they turn towards citrus flavours for refreshment or immunity-boosting abilities from those zesty fruit juices! Different varieties have different characteristics based on their sourness as well.

Tropical fury and lime are quickly becoming one of the favourite cocktails, thanks largely because it has such an invigorating tang. Moreover, clementine is another excellent flavour along with mandarin oranges that have been shown overtime to help improve dental hygiene and boost immunity. These citric fruits also reduce blood pressure levels among people who consume them frequently enough.

Fruity and floral mixes

The diverse world of fruit-flavoured cocktails is vast and full to the brim with possibilities. There's a little something for everyone, including  applesbananaspineapplegrapes, and mango. You might be able to find your favourite flavour combination within these few categories alone, but this list just scratches the surface when we think about what flavours could exist.

The best part is that the strawberry, blueberry, lavender, and other exotic flavours taste very realistic. Even the ones that are hard to create have the right sugar and tangy punch. Peach tea is another excellent flavour that has tartness along with sweetness. And it is not just sugary but also has an aromatic effect that mimics the real fruit.

Moreover, the combination of these flavours is re-invigorating for the senses. You can easily take your experience a notch up with new flavours and mixes.

Fresh Icy flavours

Those who like fresh fruity flavours will like icy ones as well. They have a cold hit and taste super refreshing. Moreover, the coldness helps to increase the intensity of the flavours. We believe these will continue to be sought after, especially during the UK's warmer summer months and heatwaves. Several new flavour trends, such as  mentholpeppermintfrozen acai, and spearmint will be a go-to for many.

Sweet tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, you will be delighted to know how many variations of desserts come in cocktails and shakes. The excitement for such incredible combinations is only set to increase in the upcoming year. Flavours such as dessert  vanillaapple pie, cookies, and cream will be a huge hit. Apart from these, you may also try pastry, lemon tart, and custard fusions to satisfy your sweet tooth.


This may be unchartered territory for many as it is hard to combine savoury and sweet flavours. However, some people are brave enough to try exciting combinations such as rhubarb and anise. Moving on from sweet cherry and strawberry flavours, you can challenge yourself with this taste switch. Overall, the daring combinations of sweet and savoury flavours are new to the culinary world, but people are still willing enough to try them out.

In Conclusion

Which new flavour trends are you most excited to try this year? With so many options, it can be tough for even the savviest of taste buds. These new flavours will keep you invigorated throughout the year. Experimenting with new flavours will open up your taste buds even more. After getting familiar with new combinations, we know you are going to add them all into your routine as an instant favourite.